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Après huit années de phase expérimentale, Hydroma Inc, le précurseur de l’hydrogène naturel au Mali passe à la vitesse supérieure. Les puits d’hydrogène naturel exploités par cette entreprise serviront désormais à produire de l’électricité propre à grande échelle pour satisfaire les besoins énergétiques du Mali et même d’autres pays du continent africain.

Solar becomes the new king of electricity


According to the International Energy Agency "Solar energy becomes the new king of electricity...
In its World Energy Outlook report dated October 2020, the International Energy Agency (IEA) notes that renewable energy is growing rapidly in all our scenarios studied, with solar power at the center of this new constellation of power generation technologies.


Another record for photovoltaic solar energy
The Australian project, Australia-ASEAN Power Link announces the construction of the world's largest solar power plant in Northern Australia (Martin Green Country)
For the moment we know that :

Manufacture of solar modules by inkjet printing


No you are not dreaming! It is possible to manufacture solar modules by inkjet printing!

The Japanese company IMRA based in Nice, France shows it through this video! The active material uses only elements that are abundant on earth (Copper, Zinc, Tin, Sulfur). So no pressure on mining resources

Solar Pumping Workshop 2020


We are proud and happy to participate in the Solar Pumping Workshop organized by the EFDS association and the GeePs laboratory goes online this morning.

Find the videos of the speakers with the following link:
All videos are accessible in English and French with subtitles: enjoy!